Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know I havn't been on here in awhile, but I plan I starting this up again soon. :) Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Satisfies YOU?

If you really could sit down and think about things what is it that truly satisfies you? 

Lately I have had to ask myself this question daily. What is it that truly satisfies me? Most of the things that immediatly pop into my mind are nothing that should be. What do you think of? Maybe your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, nice things, any of these? Well, they are all wrong.

What we should all be truly satisfied with is the Lord and only the Lord. He is always faithful to us in all times of need. He loves us, is always there for us, and he is always certain. His love is bigger than any love anybody can give us. It is very hard to see sometimes but truly he is the only one that can satisfy us.

Someone I love dearly told me this: 
"Don't doubt Gods purposes for you... you are His workmanship, not your own. Sometimes you need to just let go of everything and cling to Jesus."

Don't worry for if you love the Lord you have nothing to worry about.

Let us therefore, have trust in his promises and throw ourselves upon his grace. He wants to take our cares, so lets give them to him. He is forever working for our good and for his Glory.